Give Me A Goood Shovel and A Pair Of Hip Boots


We bought the $35,000 Tesla Model 3 with all of the extras so that it topped out at around $60,000, give or take, which included the purported 310 mile driving radius.  What good is a car if it can’t make it non stop from Vegas to LA?  Right?

After making sure that we had a 100% charge we set out from Las Vegas early in the AM.  To make a long story short we were down to 18%, a drop of 82% in battery power, by the time we reached the Lenwood exit just past Barstow which was roughly one half of the way to our destination.  There were plenty of charging stations at that location but no way could we have made LA without a full re-charge.

While at the charging station I struck up a conversation with another Tesla owner and told him of my problem to which he said: : ”The 310 mile driving radius is contingent upon a speed of 60 mph”, to which I said, “Are you kidding me?  Who drives at 60 mph while driving from Las Vegas to LA, except maybe little old ladies from Pasadena.”

You would think that somewhere in all of the literature, promos, TV commercials and so forth, this factor would be made known.  Not a chance.  Not even in the small print.   I guess Elon Musk never heard about, “truth in advertising.”

Other than that, the car is truly awesome.


This statement is not political.  It is based on common sense.  Why in the world would an attorney, even a crooked attorney, any attorney in fact, roll over on his employer?  The only reason that makes sense is that the Feds really had something on him and they were ready to nail him to the cross, even though he’s Jewish, unless he was able to, “give them something”, anything, even it was only circumstantial or based solely on innuendo.

So what did they have on him?  I’ll tell you what.  He was selling the prestige, or notoriety if you will, of his employer thereby lining his pockets by lining up clients with deep pockets that were more than willing to enter into fat retainer agreements on the premise that this was a connection second to none.  I checked out this premise with some banking experts and they whole heartedly agreed.  Since Michael Cohen was no legal genius, how else was he able to amass a net worth of 100 million?  A few of his deep pocket clients were AT&T, Novartis and a firm that manages assets for a Russian billionaire.  Now he’s only worth a paltry million or two.

I have been trying to find out specifically what he lied to Congress about.  All that I was able to verify was that he erred in his statement regarding when Trump discontinued his negotiations for a project in Moscow, first saying that it was in January of 2016 and then later that it was in June of 2016.  I guess that we’ll have to wait for the Mueller Report, which is supposed to be available on line in a couple of weeks.

In the final analysis, his real crimes included tax evasion and bank fraud, which make sense, for which the charges may be dropped and he may not have to serve any jail time.  It is truly amazing that when someone is about to have the hammer dropped on them how quickly they, “get religion”, and are ready to turn over a new leaf even though it has been shown that certain points in his testimony conflict with known and proven facts.  


To begin with, every country that ever tried it, including China and Russia who have since embraced capitalism, either switched to capitalism or are going under if they didn’t switch.  In theory the idea sounds good.  In actual practice it is a dud with no exceptions, a total failure.  Think about it, if you can think.

Is there a happy middle ground?  Well, we already have Social Security and a limited Medicare program for some.  Those are social programs.  In the early sixties someone asked me what I thought about the continual posturing between the US and the USSR and where it would lead.  I pulled out a dollar bill, pointed to it and said, “This is the future, not red, white and blue or red, but green.  In time the USSR will become capitalistic and the US will become more socialistic.  It is inevitable.”  He looked at me like I was crazy.

Socialists who think that they can legislate economic parity in their country have absolutely no knowledge whatsoever about American History or the History of The World.  Remember this.  Abraham Lincoln lied.  Yes, everyone has equal rights, supposedly.  But not everyone is equal.  Some are more equal.  That’s the way it is.  This means that some people for a variety of reasons are able to accumulate wealth whereas some people for a variety of reasons are doomed to failure no matter what they do.  Is this justification for over penalizing those who are successful?

Take Bernie Sanders, the erstwhile Senator from Vermont.  If you Google him you’ll find that he had a lackluster career no matter what he tried, professional and personal.  He’s a Jewish guy from Brooklyn.  What the hell is he doing in Vermont?  Is he a skier or what?  Is he a carpetbagger who got lost and went north instead of south?  Are the citizens of Vermont just a bunch of stupid hicks who can’t find a suitable candidate among their own?  I know, I know.  Richard Nixon from California and Hillary Clinton from Arkansas both did the same with New York.  

Take AOC, the junior Congress kid from New York.  Although well meaning, she is woefully ignorant of the facts and knows absolutely nothing about the history of her own country nor the world for that matter while the appeal to her base consists of the pandering, with pie in the sky statements, to those in the lowest rung of the economic and educational stratum.  

Take Venezuela, at one time one of the richest countries in South America but since they went Socialistic, they’re up shit’s creek without a paddle.

Take some of the new elected representatives that espouse ideas that are totally alien to our Constitution.  It is a fact that if they voiced similar thoughts in the country of their origin or that of their parents, they would surely be imprisoned, or worse.  And some of these newly minted representatives are talking about the latest in-word, that of impeachment.  They should first take the time to read the Constitution.  I did.  No where in it does it mention, not liking someone as justification for impeachment

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I Don’t Know Where To Begin

I stopped writing my weekly blogs because, quite frankly, I felt as though I was talking to a brick wall.  To put it another way it was as though I was shoveling shit against the tide.

So why am I writing now?  Because, believe it or not, people have asked me why I ever stopped and that they missed my no nonsense, no bullshit way of getting to the bottom of things.

So where do I begin?


The press likes to put themselves above everyone and everything, as though they were on some lofty pedestal, beating their chests and proclaiming to all who would listen that a free country is possible only when you have a free press.  Yes.  It is true that a free country is contingent upon a free press.

Over a hundred years ago William Randolph Hearst was the acknowledged master of “yellow journalism”, wherein if you told a lie or offered a distorted point of view long enough, people will begin to believe it.  Where else in the history of the world has this ever happened?

The press no longer reports.  The press comments.  Are we, the American people, so stupid that we cannot decide anything for ourselves and must have the press do our thinking for us?

The movies of the thirties and the forties glamorized the press wherein the reporters, not commentators, always sought out the truth so as to get a “scoop” over their competitors.  And of course to sell more papers.

I am old enough to remember the vitriol and hatred generated by the insanity of the Hollywood Blacklist and the unsubstantiated accusations attributed to the McCarthy era.  Even then the press joined in what was expected of them.  In the case of the Blacklist, the alleged perpetrators were hounded incessantly and eventually could not work at their craft unless they flipped on their friends or associates or were able to work under an assumed name.  In the case of McCarthy, it took a courageous person, namely Edward R. Murrow, a reporter, to call him out.  The point I am trying to make, is that the press, even if it violently hates someone or something, it must present the facts without any bias and more importantly, independently verify what it prints and not simply repeat the headlines of its competitors because it fits the moment of the time.

Case in point.  Just recently a minor player on a TV series apparently decided to cook up a fake attack upon himself in order garner attention and perhaps help his career.  Without any of the facts of the alleged attack being investigated, the media ran wild with the story and before you could say, “Jack Robinson”, it was plastered all over the TV networks with the various commentators, not news reporters, blaming President Trump for the attack, calling him just about every name under the sun.

When I was a kid and lived in Baltimore, MD, a young girl about my age asked me where I was from.  When I said, “New York”, she automatically assumed that I was Jewish and said, without having any facts or evidence, “You killed Christ”.  Needless to say, I was completely dumbfounded and my response was, “I didn’t even know him”.  Duh.

Lo and behold, the Chicago PD is now filing charges against this actor, apparently for having concocted the entire story and causing them to waste vital resources that could be put to better use.  Yet those who were so quick to rush to judgement when the story first broke are now saying that, “We should first wait until all of the facts are in before rushing to judgement”.  Duh.  Double duh.


I remember when I was about ten years old asking my mother about the two political parties, the Democratic and the Republican.  Her answer was that the Democratic Party was for the people and the Republican Party represented the rich.  I believed this for a long time.  Over the years I learned, to my surprise, that with the exception of Harry Truman, all of the Democratic Presidents in my lifetime were rich.  So much for representation.

Once upon a time political violence was something that was applied by the rich in order to break strikes and employee representation.  Today, almost all of the violence in the political arena originates from the side of the Democratic Party and is directed towards anyone who doesn’t agree with them.  Whatever happened to free speech which was once a hallmark of the Democratic Party?  Whatever happened to our colleges and universities where free speech was once a virtue and differences of opinion were to be debated without resorting to violence?  For this new curriculum in our colleges and universities where violence replaces thought and reason I blame the instructors and the officials who employ them.  Their job, as I see it, is to teach young minds how to think and not how to hate.


It is true that runaway population growth, when combined with advances in health care, new ways of farming and agriculture and the absence of wars and plagues, provided that comet with our name on it never reaches us, we will at some point in the not too far off future be faced with simply having too many people on this planet.

It is true, at least I think so, that organized religion promoted unfettered propagation of our species, not merely on religious grounds or the sanctity of life, but primarily to swell their ranks.  When I was a kid the population of our planet was a little over two billion.  In eighty years this number has increased by three and one half times so that it is now over seven and one half billion.  Where are we headed?  You do the math.

It is true that there are a number of people on this planet who, until such time when genetic engineering is more than a textbook phrase, should voluntarily refrain from procreating.

I have always believed that abortion is not something to be decided on by politicians and is the prerogative of the mother.  What I don’t understand is how certain politicians now actually condone and promote abortions up until the time of birth.  Talk about the swinging of the pendulum.  Have these parents of unwanted children never heard of contraception?  What the fuck were they ever thinking?

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A Nation Of Lunatics

Is this what we have become?  Ever since I can remember we Americans have been constantly bragging that our nation is the greatest country on the planet – but recent events seem to belie that claim.

A little over a year ago we had a shooting at a softball game.  A softball game between the Democrats and the Republicans.  A softball game.  Can you believe that?

A year ago we had, so far, the largest mass shooting ever that took place in Las Vegas.

We have also had over the years countless shootings at places of worship as well as the deadliest of all sneak attacks, bombings of children.

Aside from the reasons as to why, the single common denominator of every last one of these acts is that the perpetrators, without any question, are all sniveling miserable cowards.  They are cowards because in every case they have sought out and attacked ONLY those who are unarmed and have no way of defending themselves.  They never have nor will they ever attack anyone who is armed and ready to stand up to them.  That is their undeniable M.O.

Why do these cowards act the way they do?  For certain, one reason is that the punishment for the crime is either non-existent or totally inadequate.  And furthermore, in most instances the one committing the act never believes that he or she will actually be  held accountable for their actions.

As of late another reason for this inappropriate behavior is the cavalier attitude of some of our elected and or appointed officials who prefer to speak before they think.  Even when they encourage people to simply get into other peoples faces at public venues, it is surely a precursor to the next level.  It is also bad manners which reminds me of a child having a temper tantrum when not getting their way.

And don’t blame the problem on guns.  Guns don’t kill people.  People kill people.  If you review the background of all the shooters you’ll find that they are not members of the NRA but are people who should never be allowed to possess a firearm because they are either psychologically or socially disturbed or worse.

So what are we to do to counter this epidemic which has engulfed us?  To begin with laws must be enacted which will provide for punishment in kind.  These laws should be federal so as to counter act the effect of sanctuary cities or sanctuary states.  Politicians that promote in-your-face confrontations or outright violence must curtail their rhetoric before things get out of control.  The rule of law must be paramount because without it we will have nothing but anarchy.  If you don’t like the law, then change it, legally, unless you really do prefer anarchy.

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Let He Who Is Free From Sin




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“Not I”, Said DI-FI.

I had no intention of saying anything about the Kavanaugh/Ford situation, until now.  Enough with the politics.  What we need is a good dose of reality.

We have hordes of well meaning and some not so well meaning people running around calling Brett Kavanaugh a rapist.  A rapist.  CB Ford never said that he raped her.  She said that he tried to pull her clothes off (she had on a bathing suit under her clothes) but she was able to get away (with her virtue intact).  She also said that this incident scarred her so that she was unable to have normal (sexual) relationships for the next five years or so.  She also has no recollection as to where the incident happened or when it happened or how she got to where it happened.  All of the the four witnesses she named who would supposedly concur with her what happened as well as where and when have categorically denied that the incident ever happened.

Is CB Ford lying?  How could she be lying?  She took a polygraph.

I spent a total of twenty three years as a Reserve Detective with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, most of those years with Special Victims wherein we dealt with child abuse and all kinds of sexual abuse cases – real cases.  If this were one of our cases it would have been thrown out.  If we insisted on going forward with it, the DA would have laughed at us.  I also spoke to two judges on the merits of this case; one from Los Angeles County and the other from Orange County, both of them in California and both judges agree that there is no case, period, end of story.

What do I think?  After watching and listening to all of CB Ford’s testimony I think that she is not playing with a full deck or is out to lunch or both.

During the hearings the other day, the high school yearbook of Brett Kavanaugh was brought to the forefront with life size blow ups of certain of its pages.  Yes, the yearbook conveyed images of high school idiots running amok.

What’s good for the Goose is good for the Gander or what’s good for the Gander is good for the Goose.  Right? Whatever.  When you compare the high school yearbook of Brent Kavanaugh to that of CB Ford it pales in comparison.  At first I thought of including her yearbook as an attachment but decided against it because it is truly garbage.  You don’t believe me?  Then you can Google it for yourself.

Who leaked the now infamous letter?  In law enforcement we have the concept of, “the chain of evidence”, wherein the evidence is tagged, bagged and then logged in or documented.  It is also shared by the prosecution and the defense.  CB Ford’s letter was given in confidence to Di-Fi around June 30th and she sat on it for about six weeks until it was somehow miraculously leaked.  CB Ford also gave the letter to her Congress person and to her legal team.  So who leaked it.  “Not I”, said Di-Fi.  All we know is who had the letter.  Someone intentionally broke, “the chain of evidence”.  I think that the public would like to know and the only way to find out is with an impartial investigation.

I am old enough to remember Senator Joseph McCarthy and his antics during the fifties.  Senator McCarthy (R) and his chief henchman Roy Cohn ran rampant accusing almost everyone in the government of being a communist planning to overthrow our country.  Then too, as is being done now by certain individuals and or groups, McCarthy accused people without one iota of evidence, ruining some of them in the process.  He was able to get away with it until some brave individuals stood up to him saying, “enough is enough”.  What McCarthy did is referred to in the textbooks as, “McCarthyism”.  What we have running rampant today is a form of, “sexual McCarthyism”.  Think about it.

How do I think it will play out?  Assuming that the FBI does not come up with anything new that is incriminating, Brett Kavanaugh will be confirmed with a vote of at least 55.  I also think that after the confirmation he will tell them to stick the job up where the sun never shines.  No matter what the final vote, the Democrats did a number on him and his family that will follow them wherever they go.  They don’t need it.  Brett Kavanaugh can get a job with any number of prestigious law firms as a partner and he can certainly write his memoirs for a goodly sum.

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Death To All The Telemarketers Part II

It is definitely reaching epidemic proportions but whose fault is it?

I blame the phone companies because they have the wherewithal to stop this abuse.  They can do it but they won’t.  And why won’t they?  Because it represents PROFIT to them.  Think about it.  Millions upon millions of calls made that would otherwise not be made no matter how short the duration.  A call is a call is a call.

In my case it has reached the point where I can no longer answer my cell phone lest I be barraged by calls for things that don’t even pertain to me.  They want to help me with my student loan even though I never had a student loan.  They want to re-fi my mortgage even though I don’t have a mortgage.  They want to lower my credit card interest rate even though I don’t have a credit card balance.  It goes on and on and on.

I get calls from places that I never heard of.  I also get calls from the United States.  Yes, the United States.  Can you believe that?  Could it be that the President is trying to reach me?  I sincerely doubt it.

Unless I absolutely recognize the number of the incoming call I no longer answer my cell phone.  I use it solely for making calls.  Should my provider give me a discount because I cannot use my cell phone for incoming calls and they are complicit in this abuse?

This blatant abuse will most likely never stop until some of our representatives are also plagued by these unwanted intrusions and they get up enough courage to ignore the lobbyists of the phone companies and pass legislation that would restrict them.

Now that we know that the phone companies are complicit in the abuse of almost every person in the country, what else are they guilty of?

They are guilty of not permitting us to have extensions on our cell phones.  Why extensions on our cell phones?  Simple.  So you can leave one of the phones in your car all the time and not have to remove it and put it back every time you get in or out of your car, forgetting it half of the time.  They let you have extensions in your home or in your office so why not in your car?

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I’m Back

I decided that I needed a long overdue break from all the bullshit that was drowning us.  During this hiatus I could not help but notice that lunacy and insanity are still with us and seem to reign supreme.


Starting off with the CIA, did you know that they have been around since 1946.  That’s a total of 72 years during which time they have had a total of 25 different directors, each one serving less than 3 years on the average.  Most of them were military men or had worked their way up the spy ladder.  Sometimes the job was given out as a political plum because of the inherent prestige attached thereto.  Up until the current ex-director, whenever any one of them was replaced or retired, they simply left office without any fanfare or taking potshots at their employer, which is the way it should be when you consider the sensitive nature of the position.  The current ex-director is unusual in that he is not a professional spy who worked his way up the spy ladder nor did he start out with the OSS.  In fact he is a professional bureaucrat who became a converted Muslim and even once voted for the Communist Party.  Don’t take my word for it.  You can GOOGLE it yourself.  And now he is pissed off because his security clearance was yanked?  If he is no longer with the CIA why does he still need a security clearance?  It seems to me that he is just a fucking crybaby.


They must be out of their mind for choosing their current poster boy.  But this is still America and they can choose whomever they please, even Adolph Hitler if they so decide.  I looked up where their corporate headquarters are located.  It is in Portland, Oregon, which certainly explains a lot.  Their next stockholders meeting should be an interesting one.


That’s what it says on the front page of the New York Times.  Can you believe that? And I always thought that in our country a person has the right to face their accuser.  What the NYT did is no different than any other newspaper publishing an anonymous letter stating that A.G. Sulzberger, the publisher of the NYT is nothing more than a degenerate pedophile or whatever.  Shame on the NYT.


Boy, do they and their smarmy lawyers know how to lie.  I have had conservative stuff as well as some anti-Obama stuff actually ERASED  from my iPad by sources unknown, so I know from practical experience that they do lie and that they lie big.  I for one find it incredulous that a handful of dweebs and twerps have the power and ability to become the self anointed guardians of whatever we are permitted to see, say or do.  The Nazis espoused this tactic as far back as 1933.


I don’t think there is anything illegal about trying to disrupt the current hearings in our Capital but when I look at the images of the protestors on the TV screen they look to me like nothing more than a bunch of disgruntled, unemployed losers who could not possibly know anything about our judicial system.  But we should never judge a book by its cover, especially when the cover is ripped.


It was inevitable.  Leaderless and clueless, the Democratic Party had no other option but to recall the Big O.  Let’s face it, the guy is an incredible speaker.  The heads of the Democratic Party have surely been floundering around as of late and seem to be completely out of touch with reality.  I can remember back when the word Democratic  actually stood for something.  But that was a long time ago.


Everyone makes mistakes.  Trump’s biggest mistake was that he did not get rid of ALL of the Obama appointees the day after he took office.

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My Mama Done Told Me

Those are the words from a classic ‘blues’ song, “Blues in The Night”, where the words are actually, “My mama done tol’ me”, as written by Johnny Mercer with music by Harold Arlen.  What did my mama tell me?  She did tell me that whenever I’m with people, like at a party, that there are two subjects that I should never bring up, such as religion and politics.  Can you imagine how boring that party would be?

Sometimes I do delve into either of those two forbidden topics because I’m tired of looking at pictures of someone’s grandchildren or maybe their dogs and listening all night to how wonderful and smart they are.


My mama also told me when I was at the voting age that I should vote Democratic because that is the party of the people and that is the party that is for the Jews. I did  grow up at a time when the only President that we ever had was Roosevelt, Franklin not Theodore.  As I got older I realized that FDR did absolutely nothing for the Jews and he even turned back the St. Louis that was filled with those trying to escape the Nazis, which was ultimately made into a movie called, “Ship of Fools”.  I also learned that it was the Democrats who were responsible for all of the ‘Jim Crow’ laws in the south as well as the internment of our Japanese citizens.  The party of the people?  Perhaps, a very long time ago.  Whoever the Democrats were a long time ago they have since morphed into a group of unhinged crazies who seem to know absolutely nothing about our own American History and that part of our history that they don’t like they want to erase.  Maybe if they knew from where they came they might know where they’re going.  Yes, we do have  lunatic fringes at both ends of the political spectrum.  The Republicans have it with their Tea Party advocates and now the Democrats have it with their Lefties.

But I don’t recall seeing the kind of lunacy that seems to prevail these days wherein an elected official promotes this kind of senseless and idiotic violence and publicly announces that it is alright to persecute anyone who does not agree with you.  It’s no wonder that some people have become so unhinged that they think it’s alright to go out and kill other people.  One such lunatic went out and killed five people working at a newspaper with a shotgun, not an AR-15, and another lunatic stabbed five children at a party.  And this is just in the past week.


I referred to this situation a couple of months ago but nothing has been done about it.  Everyone who I speak to has experienced this annoying problem.  In my case it has gotten so bad that I no longer answer my cell phone.  I say enough is enough.  Realistically the situation will probably never change until some of our lawmakers in Washington have their fill of it and decide to do something about it.


We have so many Apps out there so that we now have Apps to control our Apps.  I have a new idea for a really useful App that we can all use.  What we need is an App that will automatically screen out ALL TELEMARKETER CALLS and relegate them to SPAM.  That’s what we need.


We have telephone extensions in our offices and our homes, so why can’t we have them for our cell phones?  Think of how easy it would be if we could leave one cell phone in the car where it could always be charging and not have to take it with us whenever we get out of the car.  And we would have another that we could take with us wherever we go or just leave in the house, both with the same number.


In this great country of ours we have some very unique cities.  New Orleans is most definitely one of them.  New York City, of course is another.  There are many others but I do want to mention Las Vegas.  Why Las Vegas?  Because that city has gone through perhaps more of a change than any of the others.  Not because of growth but because of the transformation of a one industry city known as gambling that was controlled by the ‘mob’ to a one industry city now known as gaming that is controlled by ‘corporate America’.  For what it’s worth, every one who I have spoken to about this change – and I have spoken to many – all agree without exception that they liked Las Vegas the way it was in the old days compared to today.  I won’t go into all of the many reasons but if you were ever in  Las Vegas in the old days and lately, you know the reasons.  The primary difference is that the ‘mob’ stole only from the Government whereas ‘corporate America’ steals from everyone.

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Trump Tries To Destroy The West As Per The New York Times

I can remember when Trump first came on the scene.  Most people regarded his relatively quick successes in the high stakes real estate world merely as flukes or at best a by product of the prior successes and status of his father, claiming that had it not been for Mr. Trump, Sr., junior would have gotten nowhere in a big hurry.  Perhaps.

Fast forward a few decades and Donald Trump, amid all of his many successes and failures, did earn for himself the negative sobriquet, “The Donald”, mostly I suspect out of plain simple jealousy and envy.

Many people today do not like him, can’t stand him and even royally despise him because he is, as they say, a know-it-all, obnoxious and arrogant, ignorant, supercilious self serving SOB opportunist who is successful, whether you like it or not, as well as his being rich.  And  that’s more than enough to dislike anyone, right?

So how in the world did he ever become POTUS?  Whether by the popular vote or the electoral vote he did win the election according to the Constitution of the United States of America.  For those of you who don’t like what the Constitution says, you can always amend it in accordance with the law.

And he achieved this win not only by standing up to the Democrats but also his own party because he was considered then and still is today, an outsider – especially by the ‘old guard’.  And how did he manage to get all of those electoral votes?  Because a large part of our population, excluding California and New York, did not like the direction in which the country was heading and they did not feel that all of the ingrained and inbred professional politicians, of either party, namely the ‘swamp’, were up to the task.  Period.

When he won it came as a shock to a lot of people.  The losers then wasted no time by quickly branding him as an anti-semitic Nazi lover, being only for the rich at the expense of the poor, a war monger, as well as a despiser of all females and a hater of blacks and hispanics and that he won the election only because of his collusion with the Russians.  Duh.  These ridiculous criticisms directed at him don’t even merit a response.  And unless the Russians were somehow able to subvert all of our electronic voting apparatus can you or someone, please reveal to me how they were able to swing the election.  It is a fact that sore losers NEVER admit to the real reasons why they lost.

Now let’s get back to the New York Times article which is the subject of todays essay.

The NYT, by way of one of its op-ed contributors is accusing Trump of trying to break up the Atlantic alliance.  The truth of the matter is that he is trying to shake it up.  Originally intended to be bulwarks against the former Communist monolith, namely the USSR, NATO and the Atlantic alliance have since outlived their necessity and usefulness, especially when you consider that the bulk of the costs were paid for by the US.  If anyone should be aware of this, it is certainly the NYT.

Going forward, because it is still respected by many, the NYT should fact check the statements of its op-ed contributors rather then print them as though they are gospel or at least have a caveat that the statements therein do not represent the opinion or position of the NYT.

With careful wording it was also implied that Trump was not present at the G-7 meeting in Quebec when in fact it was shown on all of the TV stations that he was there.

The same op-ed writer also claimed that Trump had no business to impose any new tariffs other than simply to cause trouble.  That writer should first check his facts and if he did he would know that the US puts up with tariffs of almost 300% from Canada for its dairy products.  Forget about China.  They have been getting a free ride for years because no previous administration had the courage to stand up to them.  Trump has stated that we all may be better off if there were no tariffs at all.  And that is what is known as a truly free market.

The same writer points out the LIES of Trump as they relate to: Obama’s birthplace, his own position on the Iraq war, the crowd at his inauguration, voter fraud, the murder rate, Mexican immigrants, the Russian investigation, Stormy’s hush money and SEVERAL HUNDRED other lies.  Taking these items one at a time:

Obama’s birthplace.  Trump may have screwed up here but based on what I have read, I believe the jury is still out on this one.  Trump on the Iraq war.  His position has always been that this was a stupid mistake which many agree with after all the dust has settled.  His inauguration crowd.  We all have egos, some bigger than others.  Voter fraud.  It’s already been proven, although not nearly at a level so as to sway an election, it definitely did occur with the Democrats.  Murder rates.   Just check the FBI stats.  Mexican immigrants.  They all should be permitted to immigrate to the US, legally, the way my parents and grand parents had to.  The Russia investigation.  Based on his results or rather lack of them, most people feel that they are getting a massive hand job by Mueller.  Stormy’s hush money.  Who really gives a shit what Stormy or her pimp lawyer have to say on the subject any more than when Bill Clinton was getting a blow job in the Oval Office.  SEVERAL HUNDRED other lies.  Even the NYT had enough common sense to stop here.

He also criticized Trump for praising Kim Jong-Un and Putin, his handling of the Crimean annexation by Russia, his suggestion that Russia be re-admitted to the G-7 and that he should be be more like Macron and particularly Merkel.  And lastly he made it a point to stress McCain over Trump.

As to these last critiques, what was Trump supposed to say before meeting with either of these leaders, that they are no good rotten miserable SOB’s?  I don’t think that would be an acceptable way of beginning any kind of negotiations.  You first put your opponents at ease.  You think?

The Crimean annexation is a foregone conclusion as evidenced by one of Obama’s famous red-line-in-the-sand quotes.  Since Crimea had been part of Russia since time immemorial did he really expect Trump to go to the wall on that one, especially since the Crimeans never really objected.

Yes, he suggested that Russia be re-admitted to the G7 or will it now be G-8.  It’s a big country and you can’t ignore it.

And what about France and Germany or Macron and Merkel being part of the Atlantic alliance and that they are doing the right thing.  Had it not been for France during our own Revolutionary War we might still be a colony of GB or the UK.  But that was then and this is now.  I will not comment on the position of France during WWII. Following Germany’s defeat in WWII, we did try to remake them in our own image but that was then and this is now.  Yet both of these countries are now in the shit hole because of their proven disastrous immigration policies, therefore they and those who speak for them should not be casting any aspersions on the US.

Regarding any ill feelings between Trump and John McCain, it is truly unfortunate.  Not because McCain is dying but because he served his country and because he had to put up with seven years as a guest of the Hanoi Hilton.  Notwithstanding the above, had it not been for the family members of McCain in that his father and grandfather were naval officers before him he most likely would have been discharged from the Navy because of reckless behavior that resulted in the crash of a Navy jet, an offense which would have ended the career of almost anyone else.  As to the rumors that he perhaps cooperated with the Vietnamese more than he should have, the jury is still out on that one.

All of this reminds me of when I first started to write these essays, articles or blogs as they are now referred to.  At that time I stated, “It’s Time to Stop The Bullshit”, and it still hasn’t stopped.  It’s as though a large segment of our population is engaged in this gigantic game of “Telephone”, wherein they simply repeat to one another a series of unfounded statements ad infinitum because someone else did it and now they think that it is the thing to do.

Right now I’m going out to buy a new pair of wading boots, those that go all the way up to my crotch.  And I do need a bigger shovel.

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Haves and Have Nots


One thing is for certain, Abraham Lincoln lied to us.

Not everyone was created equal.

You may not have noticed, but some are more equal.


Since time immemorial, through biblical times as well as the Golden Age of Greece up to the ascendancy of the Roman Empire and beyond, we have had homeless people as well as beggars.  Why?  The reasons and excuses are many.  Do we have more people in need today than we had 2,000 years ago, or whenever?  Yes, we have more today because the population of the world today is at least a thousand times greater than it was BCE.  But is the percentage greater?  Please note that there is a distinction between beggars and the homeless or people in need since beggars are not necessarily homeless and in some cultures or countries begging is tantamount to having a viable career.  You don’t believe me?  Google it.

Karl Marx had the idea that by doing away with Capitalism and permitting only the state to have ownership of the means of production and mass distribution would there be financial equality and therefore no one would be wanting.  The Russians tried it but after some 70 years or so decided that Marx – although it looked good on paper – was wrong.

Today we have a situation where some people are getting stuff for free but somehow they don’t like the people who are paying for the stuff because the people who are paying for the stuff say that they can no longer afford to pay for the free stuff and their own stuff and yet the people who are getting the free stuff want even more free stuff and have told the people who are paying for the free stuff, who say that they want to stop paying for the free stuff, that they are prejudicial and racist. As a result, the people who are getting free stuff are convinced that they have to hate the people who are paying for the free stuff because they say that the able bodied people getting the free stuff should start working for the free stuff.  Makes sense?

Anyway, because the people who are getting the free stuff have figured out that they can get more free stuff if they vote for the politicians who have promised to give them more free stuff means that now or in the very near future we will have more people getting free stuff than are paying for the free stuff.

Does this mean that all of the people should go through a complete redistribution of their stuff, as some politicians have hinted at?  NO.  But the greedy corporations – and they are legion – should be precluded from ripping off the public and avoiding taxes by looping through the loopholes, all done under the guise of benefiting their
stockholders.  If that were done there would be more stuff for everyone.


It seems that we are almost at a point where mandatory psychiatric evaluation on
an annual basis may be necessary if we are to survive.  The problem here is the evaluation of the psychiatrists who from what I have heard are mostly crazy themselves.  But we do have a problem unless being crazy is the new “norm”.

If it did exist it was certainly never reported because I have absolutely no recollection of there ever being shootings of students by students when I went to school.  You can’t say that it is the fault of the NRA because none of the shooters were ever members of the NRA.  Since most of the shooters are Democrats does not mean that we should outlaw Democrats.  What is the cause of these shootings?  It doesn’t really matter what the reasons are.  What we can and should do is to regulate and limit the entrances and exits to our schools so as to give us only one such portal thereby providing us with some semblance of control and also to install metal detectors with an armed guard at that location.  Period.

While on the subject of shootings, it seems to me that the number of attacks on police officers and fire fighters has increased dramatically over the years.  Why?  Some will say that it is because the attackers feel oppressed and others will say that it is because the attackers have no respect for law and order.  I say that it is something that is in between and more importantly because the attackers have refused to accept the responsibility of their actions and that the courts have been far too lenient in such cases.


Everyone has the right to kneel, including star athletes, in the privacy of their home or anywhere else but not in a venue that pays them perhaps millions of dollars for their services.  One of the photographs of the kneelers even showed management participating therewith.  That was truly a dumb shit thing to do.  There is a simple solution to this problem which is for the kneelers to remain in the lockers until after the playing of the National Anthem and then be permitted to come onto the field.  If the kneelers wish to express their concerns by kneeling they should be allowed to do so, in the lockers.

If the kneelers insist on kneeling while the Star Bangled Banner is being played or sung, then management has the right to exclude them from that ceremony.  End of story.

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