Collusion Delusion

I have a lot of friends, at least I did, as well as a lot of relatives who blindly and unequivocally hate Trump to the very core.  A lot of them are not going to talk to me nor have anything to do with me after this blog airs.  Do I really care?  Not in the least.

For the past twenty two months I have listened to the shrill diatribes of a host of so called TV reporters.  These people are not reporters.  They are commentators playing the game of, “Telephone”, wherein one commentator comments and the next commentator in line repeats what he or she heard from the first commentator, adding their own spin or version of the, “facts”, with all of the participants in this game of, “Telephone”, never once corroborating or fact checking the allegations of the first commentator.  Is this how they learned to do it in journalism school?

An investigation was initiated against Trump that was based on unsubstantiated allegations which everyone now knows were not only unsubstantiated but actual lies as well as being paid for by the opposition.  This twenty two month long investigation was by no means non-partisan.  It was conducted by a group of flaming Democrats, some of whom actually contributed to the campaign of Hillary.

And now that it is all over and the investigators found no evidence of collusion and the Attorney General has stated that there was no obstruction of justice, the Democrats will have none of that and now want to investigate the investigators.  Give me a break.

In retrospect it appears that the Democrats were trying to accomplish a legal coup d’etat or takedown of a duly elected President that was promulgated by a series of lies that have been extrapolated beyond anyone’s imagination.

The media keeps on harping that the Office of The Special Counsel did nail some thirty four individuals.  Remember, the mandate to the Special Counsel was to look for evidence of collusion between Trump and the Russians.  So who did they nail, and why?

To start off with there were twenty five Russians, you know, the hackers who were able to penetrate the Democratic National Committee and yet not effect the outcome of one solitary vote.  They’re back in Russia now.  If they were indicted, big deal.  It’s just a lot of window dressing for the Special Counsel.

In addition to the twenty five Russians there was Konstantin Kilimnik, an alleged Russian spy, also back in Russia, who worked with Paul Manafort and Rick Gates and was indicted.

Roger Stone was indicted, not convicted, regarding the leaks of the Wikileaks as they pertain to the missing Clinton emails.  He was the one who was arrested at the crack of dawn with a slew of AR-15’s pointed at him with CNN being notified in advance to be there with their cameras to record the event.

General Flynn pleaded guilty because he allegedly lied to Congress.  What did he actually lie about?  Was it a matter of national security?  Apparently it had to do with his meetings with the Russians during the transition of President Trump.

Richard Pinedo pleaded guilty and served six months plus 100 hours of community service because of his involvement with identity fraud.

Alex van der Zwaam, a Dutch attorney, served thirty days and paid a fine of $20,000 because he lied to the FBI about his work for Paul Manafort and Rick Gates.

George Papadopoulos served fourteen days and paid a fine of $9,500 because he lied to the FBI about something or other.

Michael Cohen lied and is still lying.  He did commit bank fraud and tax evasion which has been proven and was the result of the clients he scammed because he was so called practicing law under the color of his being the personal lawyer of Trump.

Rick Gates, a flunky of Paul Manafort, had no choice but to plead guilty.

Paul Manafort, who got caught with his hands in the cookie jar, big time, was convicted and is now in the slammer for a few years.  But his crimes all took place before Trump.

And there you have it.  You don’t believe me?  Google it.