“Not I”, Said DI-FI.

I had no intention of saying anything about the Kavanaugh/Ford situation, until now.  Enough with the politics.  What we need is a good dose of reality.

We have hordes of well meaning and some not so well meaning people running around calling Brett Kavanaugh a rapist.  A rapist.  CB Ford never said that he raped her.  She said that he tried to pull her clothes off (she had on a bathing suit under her clothes) but she was able to get away (with her virtue intact).  She also said that this incident scarred her so that she was unable to have normal (sexual) relationships for the next five years or so.  She also has no recollection as to where the incident happened or when it happened or how she got to where it happened.  All of the the four witnesses she named who would supposedly concur with her what happened as well as where and when have categorically denied that the incident ever happened.

Is CB Ford lying?  How could she be lying?  She took a polygraph.

I spent a total of twenty three years as a Reserve Detective with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, most of those years with Special Victims wherein we dealt with child abuse and all kinds of sexual abuse cases – real cases.  If this were one of our cases it would have been thrown out.  If we insisted on going forward with it, the DA would have laughed at us.  I also spoke to two judges on the merits of this case; one from Los Angeles County and the other from Orange County, both of them in California and both judges agree that there is no case, period, end of story.

What do I think?  After watching and listening to all of CB Ford’s testimony I think that she is not playing with a full deck or is out to lunch or both.

During the hearings the other day, the high school yearbook of Brett Kavanaugh was brought to the forefront with life size blow ups of certain of its pages.  Yes, the yearbook conveyed images of high school idiots running amok.

What’s good for the Goose is good for the Gander or what’s good for the Gander is good for the Goose.  Right? Whatever.  When you compare the high school yearbook of Brent Kavanaugh to that of CB Ford it pales in comparison.  At first I thought of including her yearbook as an attachment but decided against it because it is truly garbage.  You don’t believe me?  Then you can Google it for yourself.

Who leaked the now infamous letter?  In law enforcement we have the concept of, “the chain of evidence”, wherein the evidence is tagged, bagged and then logged in or documented.  It is also shared by the prosecution and the defense.  CB Ford’s letter was given in confidence to Di-Fi around June 30th and she sat on it for about six weeks until it was somehow miraculously leaked.  CB Ford also gave the letter to her Congress person and to her legal team.  So who leaked it.  “Not I”, said Di-Fi.  All we know is who had the letter.  Someone intentionally broke, “the chain of evidence”.  I think that the public would like to know and the only way to find out is with an impartial investigation.

I am old enough to remember Senator Joseph McCarthy and his antics during the fifties.  Senator McCarthy (R) and his chief henchman Roy Cohn ran rampant accusing almost everyone in the government of being a communist planning to overthrow our country.  Then too, as is being done now by certain individuals and or groups, McCarthy accused people without one iota of evidence, ruining some of them in the process.  He was able to get away with it until some brave individuals stood up to him saying, “enough is enough”.  What McCarthy did is referred to in the textbooks as, “McCarthyism”.  What we have running rampant today is a form of, “sexual McCarthyism”.  Think about it.

How do I think it will play out?  Assuming that the FBI does not come up with anything new that is incriminating, Brett Kavanaugh will be confirmed with a vote of at least 55.  I also think that after the confirmation he will tell them to stick the job up where the sun never shines.  No matter what the final vote, the Democrats did a number on him and his family that will follow them wherever they go.  They don’t need it.  Brett Kavanaugh can get a job with any number of prestigious law firms as a partner and he can certainly write his memoirs for a goodly sum.