THE VIEW FROM OVER HERE is a show about everything yet nothing in particular.  Each week we talk about life – highlighting the news that’s not covered by other shows.

THE VIEW FROM OVER HERE exemplifies the saying “Life happens when you’re making plans.”  Co-hosted by Stan Weisleder and Malcolm Burman, you’ll never know what topics will be covered-from the news of the day to the mundane to the downright strange..  Nothing is too large or too small .And THE VIEW FROM OVER HERE avoids politics like the plague, They leave all that to other shows to rehash and rehash and rehash etc, etc, etc..

THE VIEW FROM OVER HERE concentrates on the “positive” events of the week and the “positive” people who seek to improve the world and themselves.

THE VIEW FROM OVER HERE operates in “the positive spin zone.”

In addition, every week our Entertainment Editor, Jonas Schwartz will give us reviews on the latest plays.