Death To All The Telemarketers Part II

It is definitely reaching epidemic proportions but whose fault is it?

I blame the phone companies because they have the wherewithal to stop this abuse.  They can do it but they won’t.  And why won’t they?  Because it represents PROFIT to them.  Think about it.  Millions upon millions of calls made that would otherwise not be made no matter how short the duration.  A call is a call is a call.

In my case it has reached the point where I can no longer answer my cell phone lest I be barraged by calls for things that don’t even pertain to me.  They want to help me with my student loan even though I never had a student loan.  They want to re-fi my mortgage even though I don’t have a mortgage.  They want to lower my credit card interest rate even though I don’t have a credit card balance.  It goes on and on and on.

I get calls from places that I never heard of.  I also get calls from the United States.  Yes, the United States.  Can you believe that?  Could it be that the President is trying to reach me?  I sincerely doubt it.

Unless I absolutely recognize the number of the incoming call I no longer answer my cell phone.  I use it solely for making calls.  Should my provider give me a discount because I cannot use my cell phone for incoming calls and they are complicit in this abuse?

This blatant abuse will most likely never stop until some of our representatives are also plagued by these unwanted intrusions and they get up enough courage to ignore the lobbyists of the phone companies and pass legislation that would restrict them.

Now that we know that the phone companies are complicit in the abuse of almost every person in the country, what else are they guilty of?

They are guilty of not permitting us to have extensions on our cell phones.  Why extensions on our cell phones?  Simple.  So you can leave one of the phones in your car all the time and not have to remove it and put it back every time you get in or out of your car, forgetting it half of the time.  They let you have extensions in your home or in your office so why not in your car?