A Nation Of Lunatics

Is this what we have become?  Ever since I can remember we Americans have been constantly bragging that our nation is the greatest country on the planet – but recent events seem to belie that claim.

A little over a year ago we had a shooting at a softball game.  A softball game between the Democrats and the Republicans.  A softball game.  Can you believe that?

A year ago we had, so far, the largest mass shooting ever that took place in Las Vegas.

We have also had over the years countless shootings at places of worship as well as the deadliest of all sneak attacks, bombings of children.

Aside from the reasons as to why, the single common denominator of every last one of these acts is that the perpetrators, without any question, are all sniveling miserable cowards.  They are cowards because in every case they have sought out and attacked ONLY those who are unarmed and have no way of defending themselves.  They never have nor will they ever attack anyone who is armed and ready to stand up to them.  That is their undeniable M.O.

Why do these cowards act the way they do?  For certain, one reason is that the punishment for the crime is either non-existent or totally inadequate.  And furthermore, in most instances the one committing the act never believes that he or she will actually be  held accountable for their actions.

As of late another reason for this inappropriate behavior is the cavalier attitude of some of our elected and or appointed officials who prefer to speak before they think.  Even when they encourage people to simply get into other peoples faces at public venues, it is surely a precursor to the next level.  It is also bad manners which reminds me of a child having a temper tantrum when not getting their way.

And don’t blame the problem on guns.  Guns don’t kill people.  People kill people.  If you review the background of all the shooters you’ll find that they are not members of the NRA but are people who should never be allowed to possess a firearm because they are either psychologically or socially disturbed or worse.

So what are we to do to counter this epidemic which has engulfed us?  To begin with laws must be enacted which will provide for punishment in kind.  These laws should be federal so as to counter act the effect of sanctuary cities or sanctuary states.  Politicians that promote in-your-face confrontations or outright violence must curtail their rhetoric before things get out of control.  The rule of law must be paramount because without it we will have nothing but anarchy.  If you don’t like the law, then change it, legally, unless you really do prefer anarchy.