Give Me A Goood Shovel and A Pair Of Hip Boots


We bought the $35,000 Tesla Model 3 with all of the extras so that it topped out at around $60,000, give or take, which included the purported 310 mile driving radius.  What good is a car if it can’t make it non stop from Vegas to LA?  Right?

After making sure that we had a 100% charge we set out from Las Vegas early in the AM.  To make a long story short we were down to 18%, a drop of 82% in battery power, by the time we reached the Lenwood exit just past Barstow which was roughly one half of the way to our destination.  There were plenty of charging stations at that location but no way could we have made LA without a full re-charge.

While at the charging station I struck up a conversation with another Tesla owner and told him of my problem to which he said: : ”The 310 mile driving radius is contingent upon a speed of 60 mph”, to which I said, “Are you kidding me?  Who drives at 60 mph while driving from Las Vegas to LA, except maybe little old ladies from Pasadena.”

You would think that somewhere in all of the literature, promos, TV commercials and so forth, this factor would be made known.  Not a chance.  Not even in the small print.   I guess Elon Musk never heard about, “truth in advertising.”

Other than that, the car is truly awesome.


This statement is not political.  It is based on common sense.  Why in the world would an attorney, even a crooked attorney, any attorney in fact, roll over on his employer?  The only reason that makes sense is that the Feds really had something on him and they were ready to nail him to the cross, even though he’s Jewish, unless he was able to, “give them something”, anything, even it was only circumstantial or based solely on innuendo.

So what did they have on him?  I’ll tell you what.  He was selling the prestige, or notoriety if you will, of his employer thereby lining his pockets by lining up clients with deep pockets that were more than willing to enter into fat retainer agreements on the premise that this was a connection second to none.  I checked out this premise with some banking experts and they whole heartedly agreed.  Since Michael Cohen was no legal genius, how else was he able to amass a net worth of 100 million?  A few of his deep pocket clients were AT&T, Novartis and a firm that manages assets for a Russian billionaire.  Now he’s only worth a paltry million or two.

I have been trying to find out specifically what he lied to Congress about.  All that I was able to verify was that he erred in his statement regarding when Trump discontinued his negotiations for a project in Moscow, first saying that it was in January of 2016 and then later that it was in June of 2016.  I guess that we’ll have to wait for the Mueller Report, which is supposed to be available on line in a couple of weeks.

In the final analysis, his real crimes included tax evasion and bank fraud, which make sense, for which the charges may be dropped and he may not have to serve any jail time.  It is truly amazing that when someone is about to have the hammer dropped on them how quickly they, “get religion”, and are ready to turn over a new leaf even though it has been shown that certain points in his testimony conflict with known and proven facts.  


To begin with, every country that ever tried it, including China and Russia who have since embraced capitalism, either switched to capitalism or are going under if they didn’t switch.  In theory the idea sounds good.  In actual practice it is a dud with no exceptions, a total failure.  Think about it, if you can think.

Is there a happy middle ground?  Well, we already have Social Security and a limited Medicare program for some.  Those are social programs.  In the early sixties someone asked me what I thought about the continual posturing between the US and the USSR and where it would lead.  I pulled out a dollar bill, pointed to it and said, “This is the future, not red, white and blue or red, but green.  In time the USSR will become capitalistic and the US will become more socialistic.  It is inevitable.”  He looked at me like I was crazy.

Socialists who think that they can legislate economic parity in their country have absolutely no knowledge whatsoever about American History or the History of The World.  Remember this.  Abraham Lincoln lied.  Yes, everyone has equal rights, supposedly.  But not everyone is equal.  Some are more equal.  That’s the way it is.  This means that some people for a variety of reasons are able to accumulate wealth whereas some people for a variety of reasons are doomed to failure no matter what they do.  Is this justification for over penalizing those who are successful?

Take Bernie Sanders, the erstwhile Senator from Vermont.  If you Google him you’ll find that he had a lackluster career no matter what he tried, professional and personal.  He’s a Jewish guy from Brooklyn.  What the hell is he doing in Vermont?  Is he a skier or what?  Is he a carpetbagger who got lost and went north instead of south?  Are the citizens of Vermont just a bunch of stupid hicks who can’t find a suitable candidate among their own?  I know, I know.  Richard Nixon from California and Hillary Clinton from Arkansas both did the same with New York.  

Take AOC, the junior Congress kid from New York.  Although well meaning, she is woefully ignorant of the facts and knows absolutely nothing about the history of her own country nor the world for that matter while the appeal to her base consists of the pandering, with pie in the sky statements, to those in the lowest rung of the economic and educational stratum.  

Take Venezuela, at one time one of the richest countries in South America but since they went Socialistic, they’re up shit’s creek without a paddle.

Take some of the new elected representatives that espouse ideas that are totally alien to our Constitution.  It is a fact that if they voiced similar thoughts in the country of their origin or that of their parents, they would surely be imprisoned, or worse.  And some of these newly minted representatives are talking about the latest in-word, that of impeachment.  They should first take the time to read the Constitution.  I did.  No where in it does it mention, not liking someone as justification for impeachment