What Part Of “No Collusion” Do They Not Understand

Ever hear of SETI?  It stands for Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence, wherein the scientists probe the heavens for signs of intelligent life.  But they have yet to look at Earth for signs of intelligent life.
The Democratic representative from California, who I will not name but you know who he is, said on live TV that he has all the evidence to prove that collusion between Trump and the Russians took place.  I guess he forgot to turn it over to Mueller.  His initials are AS, or maybe it should be ASS.  About sixty five years ago there was a representative from the state of Wisconsin, whose initials are JM, who said that everyone in our State Department is a communist and that he had all the evidence to prove it.  You don’t believe me or you think this comparison was made up?  Google it.
People ask me what TV programs I watch to get the news.  I watch MSNBC and FOX.  Why do I watch the two stations that are diametrically opposed to one another.  I’ll tell you why.  A couple go out on a date.  Let’s assume that the couple is a traditional couple consisting of a male and a female or, if you prefer, a female and a male.  After their date, the male is bragging to his friends how easy it was for him to, “score”, etc., etc., etc. while the female is confiding to her friends that she didn’t even kiss her date, not even once.  You know what?  They both lied.  So where is the truth?  Somewhere in between.  Where do I think the truth in reporting the truth lies?  Based on my own assessment of what I have seen and heard, not by what certain commentators have shrilled about on TV, it is certainly not with MSNBC.
Their silence during this entire matter of collusion has been deafening.  If it was the intent of the Russians to harm our country they absolutely succeeded by maintaining their strict silence and doing nothing to dispel the political upheaval, distrust and lies, yes lies, that our media permitted to run rampant and actually participated in. 
When I was a kid I had absolutely no clue as to why the, “founding fathers”, included the condition for winning a Presidential election to be based on the Electoral College  as it made no sense to me.  And then I did a little research.  I learned that If it were not for the Electoral College, a population center or centers such as California or New York could easily sway a Presidential election without any regard to the rest of the country.  While Representatives of the House are based on the population of each district, each state will have two Senators regardless of the population of the respective state, having the same effect as the Electoral College when it comes to passing legislation.
Colorado just recently came out with doing away with the Electoral College.  Are they stupid or what?  Don’t they realize that such a move will only serve to reduce their impact on a Presidential election?
At last count there are some twenty applicants who want to unseat Trump in 2020.  Some of them are outright bona fide publicity seeking clowns.  Some of them are newly minted wannabes that you never heard of because they only recently crept out from behind the woodwork.  So who could best give Trump a run for the money?
Only one.  Biden.  Granted, he comes with a lot of baggage, by today’s standards, but people forget whenever it is convenient for them to do so.  Most importantly, he is not part and parcel of the lunatic left and there is a good chance that he will be the choice of the middle-of-the road Democrats, the real Democrats.
If they do pick him, he will need a suitable running mate who has not been overly contaminated by an abundance of adverse press, preferably a female.  Will their choice for VP be Stacey Abrams?  Not likely.  So who then?  My guess is Kirsten Gillibrand.  They do photograph well which is a lot more important than you think.  The only problem that I have with Biden is that he may not want to rely on the election but instead challenge Trump to a winner-take-all fist fight in back of the barn.