And The Beat Goes On

Someone said years ago that we are all born stupid but some of us have to work extra hard in order to stay that way.  Those are not the exact words but that is the gist of it.


According to the Wall Street Journal the number of these infuriatingly, annoying and thoroughly obnoxious telephone solicitations is pushing fifty billion per year.  Holy shit.  It’s a fucking epidemic.  I myself receive about 3,000 of these calls per year.  I even get calls from THE UNITED STATES.  The first time I received such a call I truly thought that the President was calling me.

And why do they pester me with these calls?  They want to help me with my student loan or mortgage, neither of which do I have.

So how do we put an end to this epidemic which is growing by leaps and bounds?  We should institute the death penalty for the violators.  It could consist of stoning as in biblical times or forcing the culprit to drink hemlock as the ancient Greeks did.   Or we could employ more modern methods such as the electric chair, the firing squad or use lethal intra venous injections.  I would not include burning alive at the stake nor the drawn and quarter method as they are much too barbaric.  I would try to keep it simple.

Seriously, the government could easily put a stop to this practice if it really wanted to.  Or the people could take the matter into their own hands by declaring a nation wide boycott wherein they refuse to pay their phone bills because the phone companies permitted their phones to be compromised and they could easily have stopped this complicity if they would think beyond their cash register.  At five cents per call fifty billion calls comes out to $2,500,000,000.  That’s a pretty big phone bill to give up so easily.


The best shot that the Democrats have to beat Trump is Biden so why are they ripping him apart?  So he sniffed someone’s hair.  Big deal.  If she really didn’t want anyone to sniff her hair she shouldn’t have primped it so and put it out there for everyone to marvel at.  Of the twenty or so Democrats seeking to unseat Trump, half of them are clowns, a couple of them are pugnacious publicity seekers and the rest of them, with the exception of Biden, were unheard of before they decided to throw their hat into the ring.  So, which of them would you pick to lead our country?


He wasn’t supposed to win and that’s what started it all.  Plain  and  simple.  Aside from all of the lies concocted against him the one that really got everyone to have a cow was the lie about  his alleged collusion with Russia, which was promulgated by a fake dossier that was conjured and paid for by the opposition.  Every Democrat jumped on this bandwagon and put all of their hopes and dreams on this insane accusation.  Everyone who hated him absolutely loved this narrative, especially the talk show hosts.  And all of the TV commentators happily joined in this massive game of “Telephone” wherein they simply repeated what someone else said, putting their own spin on it and never once bothering to check the facts.

An investigation was implemented, not by the Republicans, but strictly by the Democrats and after almost two years, lo and behold, these Democrats found absolutely no evidence of any collusion, period.  Because the results of this investigation by the Democrats did not fit in with their accusations of the past two years, they now come up with every manner of excuse so as not to have to go along with the findings of the Special Counsel and they are talking about investigating their own investigators.  Now that the report of the Special Counsel is  finally released I find it strange that although it says that there was no evidence of obstruction, they still cannot exonerate Trump.  They must really not like him.

And what of the two Congressmen that have claimed on live TV that they have or have seen the actual evidence of collusion?  They put all of their marbles on this false scenario because it coincided with their wishful thinking and they swore by it so that if Trump did in fact collude, they could say, “I told you so”. Since Trump did not collude, they lied about having or seeing this, “evidence of collusion”.

No matter what the report says or doesn’t say one thing is for certain.  Those who believed in Trump will say that the report is nothing short of a victory and those who hated him all along will say that he is still guilty as sin.  In retrospect, it is also a no-win for either side as well as a total waste of time and taxpayer dollars.