I’m Back

I decided that I needed a long overdue break from all the bullshit that was drowning us.  During this hiatus I could not help but notice that lunacy and insanity are still with us and seem to reign supreme.


Starting off with the CIA, did you know that they have been around since 1946.  That’s a total of 72 years during which time they have had a total of 25 different directors, each one serving less than 3 years on the average.  Most of them were military men or had worked their way up the spy ladder.  Sometimes the job was given out as a political plum because of the inherent prestige attached thereto.  Up until the current ex-director, whenever any one of them was replaced or retired, they simply left office without any fanfare or taking potshots at their employer, which is the way it should be when you consider the sensitive nature of the position.  The current ex-director is unusual in that he is not a professional spy who worked his way up the spy ladder nor did he start out with the OSS.  In fact he is a professional bureaucrat who became a converted Muslim and even once voted for the Communist Party.  Don’t take my word for it.  You can GOOGLE it yourself.  And now he is pissed off because his security clearance was yanked?  If he is no longer with the CIA why does he still need a security clearance?  It seems to me that he is just a fucking crybaby.


They must be out of their mind for choosing their current poster boy.  But this is still America and they can choose whomever they please, even Adolph Hitler if they so decide.  I looked up where their corporate headquarters are located.  It is in Portland, Oregon, which certainly explains a lot.  Their next stockholders meeting should be an interesting one.


That’s what it says on the front page of the New York Times.  Can you believe that? And I always thought that in our country a person has the right to face their accuser.  What the NYT did is no different than any other newspaper publishing an anonymous letter stating that A.G. Sulzberger, the publisher of the NYT is nothing more than a degenerate pedophile or whatever.  Shame on the NYT.


Boy, do they and their smarmy lawyers know how to lie.  I have had conservative stuff as well as some anti-Obama stuff actually ERASED  from my iPad by sources unknown, so I know from practical experience that they do lie and that they lie big.  I for one find it incredulous that a handful of dweebs and twerps have the power and ability to become the self anointed guardians of whatever we are permitted to see, say or do.  The Nazis espoused this tactic as far back as 1933.


I don’t think there is anything illegal about trying to disrupt the current hearings in our Capital but when I look at the images of the protestors on the TV screen they look to me like nothing more than a bunch of disgruntled, unemployed losers who could not possibly know anything about our judicial system.  But we should never judge a book by its cover, especially when the cover is ripped.


It was inevitable.  Leaderless and clueless, the Democratic Party had no other option but to recall the Big O.  Let’s face it, the guy is an incredible speaker.  The heads of the Democratic Party have surely been floundering around as of late and seem to be completely out of touch with reality.  I can remember back when the word Democratic  actually stood for something.  But that was a long time ago.


Everyone makes mistakes.  Trump’s biggest mistake was that he did not get rid of ALL of the Obama appointees the day after he took office.