My Mama Done Told Me

Those are the words from a classic ‘blues’ song, “Blues in The Night”, where the words are actually, “My mama done tol’ me”, as written by Johnny Mercer with music by Harold Arlen.  What did my mama tell me?  She did tell me that whenever I’m with people, like at a party, that there are two subjects that I should never bring up, such as religion and politics.  Can you imagine how boring that party would be?

Sometimes I do delve into either of those two forbidden topics because I’m tired of looking at pictures of someone’s grandchildren or maybe their dogs and listening all night to how wonderful and smart they are.


My mama also told me when I was at the voting age that I should vote Democratic because that is the party of the people and that is the party that is for the Jews. I did  grow up at a time when the only President that we ever had was Roosevelt, Franklin not Theodore.  As I got older I realized that FDR did absolutely nothing for the Jews and he even turned back the St. Louis that was filled with those trying to escape the Nazis, which was ultimately made into a movie called, “Ship of Fools”.  I also learned that it was the Democrats who were responsible for all of the ‘Jim Crow’ laws in the south as well as the internment of our Japanese citizens.  The party of the people?  Perhaps, a very long time ago.  Whoever the Democrats were a long time ago they have since morphed into a group of unhinged crazies who seem to know absolutely nothing about our own American History and that part of our history that they don’t like they want to erase.  Maybe if they knew from where they came they might know where they’re going.  Yes, we do have  lunatic fringes at both ends of the political spectrum.  The Republicans have it with their Tea Party advocates and now the Democrats have it with their Lefties.

But I don’t recall seeing the kind of lunacy that seems to prevail these days wherein an elected official promotes this kind of senseless and idiotic violence and publicly announces that it is alright to persecute anyone who does not agree with you.  It’s no wonder that some people have become so unhinged that they think it’s alright to go out and kill other people.  One such lunatic went out and killed five people working at a newspaper with a shotgun, not an AR-15, and another lunatic stabbed five children at a party.  And this is just in the past week.


I referred to this situation a couple of months ago but nothing has been done about it.  Everyone who I speak to has experienced this annoying problem.  In my case it has gotten so bad that I no longer answer my cell phone.  I say enough is enough.  Realistically the situation will probably never change until some of our lawmakers in Washington have their fill of it and decide to do something about it.


We have so many Apps out there so that we now have Apps to control our Apps.  I have a new idea for a really useful App that we can all use.  What we need is an App that will automatically screen out ALL TELEMARKETER CALLS and relegate them to SPAM.  That’s what we need.


We have telephone extensions in our offices and our homes, so why can’t we have them for our cell phones?  Think of how easy it would be if we could leave one cell phone in the car where it could always be charging and not have to take it with us whenever we get out of the car.  And we would have another that we could take with us wherever we go or just leave in the house, both with the same number.


In this great country of ours we have some very unique cities.  New Orleans is most definitely one of them.  New York City, of course is another.  There are many others but I do want to mention Las Vegas.  Why Las Vegas?  Because that city has gone through perhaps more of a change than any of the others.  Not because of growth but because of the transformation of a one industry city known as gambling that was controlled by the ‘mob’ to a one industry city now known as gaming that is controlled by ‘corporate America’.  For what it’s worth, every one who I have spoken to about this change – and I have spoken to many – all agree without exception that they liked Las Vegas the way it was in the old days compared to today.  I won’t go into all of the many reasons but if you were ever in  Las Vegas in the old days and lately, you know the reasons.  The primary difference is that the ‘mob’ stole only from the Government whereas ‘corporate America’ steals from everyone.