The CIA works best when it refrains from blowing their horn too hard and basically remaining in the background thereby leaving their successes and or failures to the historians and when they veer away from this procedure they inevitably end up sticking both of their feet in their mouth. The latest is that they, the CIA, has inferred that the Russians because of their superior hacking techniques have somehow interfered with our elections.

For one thing, the Russians and the US and just about every other country on this planet spies on every other country that has secrets that are valuable to the other, whether they be military, commercial or political in nature. Even the Democrats played this game with Bernie Sanders and the poor sap didn’t even know what was going on or simply decided to ignore it for the so-called unity of the party. And this has been going on long since before any of us were born. At one time we simply tapped in and listened to each others radio transmissions. Now, even though it is a little more difficult, we tap into each others computer and internet transmissions. And we all know that this has been going on for a number of years. Anybody remember Watergate?

Let’s assume for the moment that the CIA is right on point, which would be a first. So, how in the world did they, if it is remotely possible, for the Russians to change or effect the outcome of our elections? Did the Russians tell our citizens not to vote for Hillary and even if they did, would anyone listen to them? Did the Russians release damaging emails against Hillary, which if so, we have a right to know? What I think is that the Russians may simply have been listening and if that is the case, so what? I also think that the incident, whatever it is or is intended to be, was either concocted or else blown way out of proportion to cover up, in part, the trouncing that the Democrats suffered in the elections.

In summary, I think that all of the finger pointers should tell it all. In other words, they should tell us exactly how and what the Russians, or any other nefarious group, did whatever they were supposed to have done in order to have any kind of an effect on our elections. They owe this to us.