November 4th – Marilyn Horowitz, Kim Grogg & Jonas Schwartz


MARILYN IDA HOROWITZ wears many hats. Some people when they can’t do it they decide to teach instead. Not so with our special guest today on THE VIEW FROM OVER HERE. Not only does she write, with almost a half dozen movie credits under her belt, she also teaches. She is with us today to discuss her new novel, “THE BOOK OF ZEV” and whatever else is on her mind


KIM GROGG is a multi-talented woman who we are pleased to have as a guest on THE VIEW FROM OVER HERE.  She can act, sing, dance and has way over one hundred credits in the arts and entertainment field.  She is with us today to tell us what it is like to succeed in a high profile business where the competition never ends and you have to learn how to deal with rejection.


Welcome aboard JONAS D. SCHWARTZ, Entertainment Editor at Large, on THE VIEW FROM OVER HERE, who will share with us his opinions regarding the latest movie and or play.  What does the D stand for?  Ask him and maybe he’ll tell us.  And don’t forget, BYOPC – Bring Your Own Pop Corn.