Only In America

Am I happy that Donald Trump won?  Yes, but I’m happier that Hillary Clinton lost.  Another four years or longer of the Big O, even if only by proxy, would be too much for me to deal with.

The acceptance speech by Trump and the congratulatory comments by Hillary and the Big O were all respectful of one another, as they should be.  When you consider what transpired over the past year it is truly remarkable that Trump did indeed win.  It was definitely an uphill battle for him.  Not only did he have to fight off the Democrats as would be expected, he also had to contend with a hostile media, that was actually acknowledged as such after the fact by a number of courageous reporters and if that was not enough, his own party or rather the aristocracy of his party, for whatever the reasons, failed to rally around him.  He truly won over the people and based on the demographics of all of the voters, it would appear as though he was given a mandate to do all of those things that he promised to do.

Some win and some lose.  If your man or woman does not win and you are upset and want to complain and gripe, I can understand that.

What I do not understand is the sheer ugliness of the protests regarding the results of the election.  As I watched the newsreel footage gathered from across the country, I kept looking for black and hispanic protestors.  All that I saw were what appeared to be students, most of them white and some apparently of high school age, not even old enough to vote.  Being a student of history, this rag-tag protest reminded me of the Children’s Crusade to The Holy Land, which served no purpose other than to gain them some space in the history books, that took place over 1,000 years ago.  So what do we have here?  A bunch of predominantly young white students with a few adults tossed into the mix together with some token blacks and hispanics, none of whom have yet to learn the difference between shit and shinola.

Whatever promulgated this stupid, idiotic and childish behavior?  Was it Bernie Sanders trying, but not thinking about all of the ramifications, to convince the youth of our country that they should have everything handed to them on a silver platter?  Was it the liberal thinking of their teachers and professors telling them that it is their inherent right and duty to protest, preferably with violence, anything and everything that their teachers and professors do not concur with and lack the courage to protest themselves?  Or was it something that is more basic such as the typical liberalistic thinking that, if the liberals do not get their way, it can never be good and not just for themselves but everyone else as well.

We are a nation of laws and we had an election the results of which were that one person won and one person lost.  End of story.  Or are we to go crazy and riot when our choice does not happen to agree with the choice of the people, whether it be via the  Popular vote or the Electoral College, it makes no difference.

When watching the TV we first saw the peaceful marching of the protestors when from out of nowhere they were beset by the crazies who were truly running amok, smashing windows, starting fires and causing all kinds of mayhem.  The police have shown remarkable restraint in dealing with these idiots who probably know nothing of the voting process and even less about the history of our country.  On the internet there was a clip of a female excreting from her bowels onto the pavement or taking a shit, hopefully on the street where she lives and then wiping her ass with a picture of Donald Trump. The police did nothing to try to stop her nor did they put their hands on her, which I heartily agree with.  I truly wonder what that female’s IQ level is, or is it even measurable.

Some orange robed monks, not that many years ago, opted for self-immolation as a means of protest.  Some die hard fanatics went on a self-imposed hunger strike, and subsisted only on water for thirty days or longer.  Some even chose the ultimate in protests by bombing the meeting places or settings of those who were their sworn enemies, both real and imaginary.  Whatever the favored method of the month, real protestors do not seek out to destroy the personal property of their neighbors nor of the small businesses that are all in the same boat as the protestors. I have but only two words to say to these protestors: grow up.

These dissidents or protestors, most of whom have no clue whatsoever what it is like in the real world as opposed to the world as they would like it to be, should take heed and consider as to how this method of protesting via mayhem would be dealt with in other countries.  The USA and possibly Israel are probably the only countries that permit protestors such leeway.  There are a number of places on this planet where the punishment for protesting, without the mayhem that we have experienced, is a single bullet to the back of the head and then be left to rot or to be eaten up by the indigenous wild life.  In Singapore the absolute minimum sentence would be public cane-ing, if you are one of the lucky ones.  In some of the mid-east countries their form of their punishment dates back to the 13th century, of which beheading would be the quickest and the least painful of all of their methods.

These protestors, if they are in fact real protestors and not some of the hired help that did their thing during the early campaigning, they should follow the lead of their President, the Big O.

If the first female contender for the position of POTUS can get behind the President-elect, so can all of the spoiled brats that are free to do what they do because of the free country that they live in.  To all of those out there who threatened to leave the country should Trump win, I would like to know, have you finished your packing yet?

The first chance you get, go on Google to find out what the first 100 things are that Trump said he would do if elected.  If the answer is ‘none of them’, then I can easily understand why you might want to protest.  If you agree with only half of them, then give the guy a chance and who knows, you might be pleasantly surprised.