Sometimes grown-ups can be just as ignorant and petty as small children and act as illogically.  You don’t believe me?  Open up your eyes and look all around you.  It’s everywhere.  Do you remember when you were a kid and you had a special friend who we shall call, Billy.  And this special friend, while friends with you, announced to you that if you had anything to do with the kid down the block, then Billy will not play with you anymore.

I never imagined that grown men and women would act that way.  You still don’t get it, do you? I’m referring to the rampant idiocy currently taking place within the Republican Party.  Granted, while there are any number of smart individuals within that group, as a whole they have always behaved rather stupidly.
I’m not endorsing anyone in particular nor am I taking sides.  I am merely making a comment that the Republicans, who are known for shooting themselves in the foot, are doing it again.  When a run-away front-runner is leading the pack, why don’t his brethren rally behind him so as to beat his opponent, who will surely not be a pushover, come November.  But instead they choose to ridicule him, make disparaging remarks and announce publicly that they will do all that they can to stop him and that they will never ever vote for him.

And if that wasn’t enough, a hundred or more of the so-called higher-ups in the Republican Party have stated that they cannot and will not support their own front-runner.  When you look at that list, it is made up essentially of the high supporters of the other sixteen losers and their family members.  So the Bush family has stated that they cannot support nor vote for, “The (big bad) Donald”, because of the way the kid (Jeb) got trounced early on in the game.  Big deal.  The Bush family is not held in very high esteem by the general public which means that their attitude will most likely gain more votes for their own front-runner who is the only person who may have a chance of beating Hillary Clinton.